Jacob Juma Comes To The Defense of Ruto’s Pilot, Says Primitive Kenyans Should Stop Rushing To Helicopters

February 24, 2016

jacob5Disgraced pilot Alistair Patrick Llewelyn, caught on video assaulting a female police officer on Sunday during Deputy President William Ruto’s function in Nyandarua, received some unexpected support from businessman Jacob Juma.
Writing on Twitter, Juma – who is also a sworn enemy of Ruto, said the Deputy President’s security is key and will therefore not rush to condemn the pilot.
He added that Mr. Alistair is a pilot who takes security seriously and he would give him a job.
He further cautioned Kenyans against the ‘primitive’ behavior of rushing towards a landing helicopter, saying it is a security risk.
Juma also reminded us of ‘that’ unconfirmed incident at State House last year.

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