Here’s Why this Blogger Wants Citizen TV’s Bi Mswafari Off Our TV Screens

February 2, 2016

I am seething inside. The sort of anger that makes the bull charge when he sees the matador waving a red flag.
Why do Kenyans allow such atrocities on TV? Week after week they sit, glued to their TV screens ready to watch the “re-known  marriage counsellor”according to her fb page.
Re-known? We can work with that. But marriage counsellor? Come on! She is more off a flag bearer for male chauvinism in Kenya. I like to think there is more to marriage than a man’s ego and self importance. Her page goes on to say she is internationally recognized! Wait a minute, you mean the international community also tunes in to watch this?!
There is also a page of 4224 men who agree with her views. The page states thus
“Recently,there is a TV program that has come to
the rescue of men against the modern lady.She
gives a motherly advice on how ladies should handle
their men,husbands and fiances”.
I don’t know whether to cry for Kenyan men or laugh so hard that the devil will hear me. So,women need a manual on how to treat men but men don’t need one on how to treat women? Why does the modern women scare the modern men so much? Unless of course there are no modern men.
Are our men so stuck in the past they don’t see that society is changing?!
For those who don’t know who she is(highly doubful since she has an international audience) she comes on every Saturday, a few seconds after the 7:00 pm news. They decided to add a male chauvinist in the mix. It doesn’t get any better than that!
I don’t care about the adults watching this atrocity, they are probably chauvanistic and disempowered people anyway. I am worried about the kids forced to watch this thing. Saturdays are those days our kids can stay up late watching anything and everything that comes on TV. So you will forgive me for hating this program with every fibre of my being.
Someone pointed out that Kenyan media dumbs information down to fit the majority of the public. Well, Citizen T.V has done quite a good job of doing just that with this programe.
This woman is Poison to our children! To Mary, the top student in Newlight academy. Probably a child with thick glasses whose dream is to work hard pass her exams and become a doctor. Bi. Mswafari is saying, ‘you need to cater to you husband day and night. Your husband comes first. So yes you will work twenty hour shifts but make sure when your husband gets home, you greet him at the door with a curtsey, find out how his day was and then feed him properly. So on hearing this Mary will realize that marriage is probably not for her.
To Joseph she is saying, study hard get a job, it doesn’t have to be a well paying job because people have to understand your lack of ambition. When you have your job you can take a pick at your own personal slave. Be careful not to get someone like Mary who will have a decent conversation  with you about life and death. No. Find a woman who makes you feel like a king. Who takes your wish to be her command. A woman who will have enough time to come home before you and prepare a meal fit for a king while you put your legs up and watch TV. While doing this profess to the world that there is nothing like an obedient wife who when you say jump, will ask “how high master?”. Don’t even worry about things like mpango wa kando and rape, your wife should understand when you do all these things. After all what do women expect you to do when they wear skimpy dresses and they know you don’t have self control. Don’t even worry about HIV and AIDS you will sort it out with your wife when it happens.
Lets talk about that rape issue for a second. I need to point out that there is never an excuse for rape! If there were we wouldn’t have 2 month old babies being raped!!!! So no, women don’t need prayers men need to be taught restraint.
This woman is the worst person to preach empowerment to our children. Empowerment is not only for the girl child. A boy child should also be empowered so as no to feel inferior when in the presence of the modern day woman. What we need to realize is that there are houses in this day and age where the women have taken up male roles. Because society is fluid like that. Don’t let someone like Bi Mswafari lie to you that everything is as it was 30 years ago.
How do you condone such a woman talking to your girl child about living her life to please her husband. After watching this why do you pay school fees for that particular girl?  Why not just keep her at home and show her how to please a husband at home. It will save you school fees and prevent her from calling herself a modern day woman or as Bi Mswafari calls them, ‘Wasomi’.What did wasomi ever do to this woman? Do they look down on her? Does she even have a daughter? I will fly off the bat here and speculate that I don’t think she has a daughter. I also think she hates her daughter inlaw if she has one.
Even my mum disagrees with her view point.
Either citizen T.V should get this woman out of our living room and off our screens (very unlikely so I’ll hold up on the forms ) or balance her obvious bile with a humanitarian person in the panel! Cera Njagi anyone?
We are saying no to slavery!

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