Waiguru: I’m Worth Sh160 Million But I Never Buy Shoes for More Than Sh2500

January 12, 2016

waiguruFormer Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru’s interview with Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed was aired on Sunday night.
She was brought to task on circumstances that led to her resignation among other things.
The interview was conducted in her house, which has been reported time and again to be worth about Sh100 million. She however denied those claims saying it is nowhere near the rumored amount. She also said that it is being serviced by a government mortgage.
Asked whether she’s ready for a lifestyle audit, Waiguru said that it has already been done. She further revealed that her estimated net worth is Sh160 million, not counting the Sh80 million liabilities.
Waiguru defended herself against corruption saying she was already rich before joining government. “I was a VP at Citigroup. I used to live in Runda before joining government… I drove a Mercedes Benz before joining government.” she told Hussein.
She revealed that despite all her money, she never spends more than Sh 2,500 on shoes and always insists on bargaining.
Here’s that interview.

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