Mike Sonko Rescues 102 Year Old Granny From Land Grabbers (PHOTOS)

January 4, 2016

Sonko has done it again! The popular Nairobi senator, fondly known as a man of the people, on Tuesday came to the rescue of a 102 year granny whose house had been demolished by a private land developer.
Mike Sonko managed to secure a court order restraining the alleged land grabbers from any sort of development on the granny’s property until her case is heard and determined. The granny has lived in the house for over four decades.
“God is good all the times. Today I finally managed to secure a court order in favour of the 102 yr old granny whose house where she has lived and known as her home since 1974 was demolished by a cursed, notorious and shameless land grabber. The order restrained the already cursed grabber from doing any sort of development on the granny’s property until her case is heard and determined,” Sonko said on his Facebook timeline.
Besides securing the court order, Sonko also donated a new wheelchair, foodstuff, household goods and building materials to jump start the woman’s life again.
“The goons hired by the grabber to demolish the granny’s house looted and took away all her household belongings. So I also decided to donate a new wheelchair, food stuffs, households( sufurias, blankets, mattresses etc) and building materials such as bags of cement, iron sheets, timber etc. so that she can start a new life after losing all her valuable belongings. As of now, members of the public have volunteered and constructed a temporary structure for her in the same property as we wait for justice to prevail,” he said.

Here’s a video and some photos


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