KOT Brutally Roast ‘Keyboard Warrior’ Donald Kipkorir After Boring JKL Appearance

January 22, 2016

don1As one lawyer found out on Wednesday night, TV is not for everyone.
While people like Duale, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, Matsanga and Miguna make it appear effortless, TV interviews can actually be quite tricky.
Jeff Koinange had been hyping ‘The Battle of the Lawyers’ all day on Twitter, and Kenyans expected a showdown.
It would pit Ahmednasir Abdullahi vs another vocal lawyer Donald Kipkorir.
As Kipkorir revealed, this was his first TV interview in 20 years. Before Wednesday night he had only done one media interview with Jimmy Gathu, back in the ’90s.
These two lawyers are quite vocal on social media, and at least The Grand Mullah has proved himself in front of the cameras too.
On the show, Kipkorir rarely impressed and his answers were mostly ‘off’. The Bench is known for explosive interviews and that explains why many were left underwhelmed. As larry Madowo would say, we were expecting an explosive show but all we got was a fart.
Jeff is known for keeping his guests on their feet, and Kipkorir was making that a challenge with his slow answers that circled and circled before getting to the point – when there was one.
The lawyer himself took to Facebook and Twitter and swore never to appear on TV again.
Elsewhere on Twitter, KOT roasted him the whole night and there was some agreement that the Donald Kipkorir is a ‘keyboard warrior’. (unable to replicate your strong views on the internet in the real world)
Here are some of the harsh tweets.




Watch the full show in case you missed (Part 1 and 2)

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