DAMNING REVELATION! You Will Cease Consuming Cheap Brew After Seeing this SHOCKER

January 6, 2016

When the government cracks the whip on illicit and cheap liquor, it is always for the good of its dear citizens. Time and again, we’ve lost so many loved ones to poorly manufactured alcoholic drinks. Well, as it turns out, the ones who prepare these killer drinks, use anything for their ingredients. Talk of formalin and all sorts of God-knows-what that are used to come up with the concoctions!
Anyway, let me shock you the more. A used condom was found inside a jerrycan of an alcoholic drink believed to have been chang’aa. Neither the drunkards nor the police officers on the prowl could believe their eyes at the sight of it. Further news revealed that the brewer uses semen as part of his ingredients.
Below is a photo of what shocked residents in Embu County, this comes after yet another incidence in the same area just the past year.
used condom

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