This is What Was Left of a Subaru After Speeding Driver Rolled into a Ditch at Athi River

January 26, 2016

They say that speed that thrills is speed that kills and that was witnessed on Sunday afternoon at Athi River. Some guy driving a Subaru, miraculously escaped the notorious grip of death after his attempt to pull some Fast and Furious driving stunts while trying to overtake other vehicles. His decision to use the pedestrians path was not-so-good as he lost control of his vehicle, veered off the road before rolling into a ditch.
Although his car was badly damaged, he managed to walk out of the near-death-experience alive. Below are pictures showing the ‘transformation’ his Subaru got after the incidence.
Athi River accident 1
Athi River accident 2
Athi River accident 3
Athi River accident 4
Athi River accident 5
Athi River accident 6
Athi River accident 7

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