13 Things I Have Discovered This Njaanuary… Hilarious

January 21, 2016

njaaWe’re almost done with this dreaded month, and below is what I have discovered in brief.

1. Kumbe Broadways bread costs 41 bob

2. Pascha milk costs 46 bob

3. You can actually carry lunch to work!

4. You can carry bread to work too, so you only buy tea

5. Mathree Fare is half price before 6

6. Meat is very unhealthy. Adopt a Daniel in babylon diet

7. 5 eggs cost 55 bob and are better proteins than meat, more so they’re young chickens!

8. Yoù can really pay school fees in instalments

9. Ukioga na sabuni ya kipande bado utakuwa msafi

10. Arimis ni mãfuta mzüri sana!

11. Kuenda job by foot is a healthy exercise

12. Kumbe unaeza toanisha teabag ikapika vikombe nne za chai badala ya moja tu.

13. Kumbe pombe huleta cirrhosis


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