Ujaluo is a Lifestyle: See the Number of Smartphones That Greeted Uhuru in Kisumu Compared to Nyeri

April 24, 2015

President Uhuru was in Kisumu this week to officially open the 2nd annual Devolution Conference.
He made a stopover in the city centre to address a large crowd of people that had been waiting for him. It’s not unusual for Uhuru to address roadside crowds, but unlike all the places he’s visited, Kisumu guys are really the most digital.
Most places the crowd just listens and cheers, but in the lakeside city, many people captured this moment on their smartphones.
As they say, Ujaluo ni gharama.
I’m not saying that guys from central have mulika mwizis, but from his stop over in Nyeri and Kikuyu towns, you can literally count the number of cameras.

uk4Uhuru in Kikuyu

uk5Uhuru in Nyeri

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