This PHOTO of Ian Mbugua in a Dress Top and Boobs is Really Confusing Kenyans

April 30, 2015

I still don’t understand how Citizen TV went for literally the worst dressed Kenyans to host a fashion show criticizing other people’s fashion sense.
The four guys; Carol Odero, Ian Mbugua, Robert Burale and Annabel Onyango host Fashion Watch, and have often been criticized for their own fashion blunders.
One Mugambi wa Muraguri showed them the meaning of ‘zero chills’.
Robert Burale, we can admit is mostly usually on point, but the rest…
I don’t know much about these things, but I just hate everything about the two ladies most days. The red hair is especially painful to watch.
On this undated Friday, Judge Ian decided to wear something I still can’t make out what. Honestly I do not watch the show, so probably it was some kind of stunt, but I have to ask, “are those boobs?”ia
Many on Facebook are asking the same thing and below are some sampled comments.
Christah Awinde – na Ian amevaa nini yawa
Prisca Mito – anakaa shosh amevaa pencil na dress top
Faith Otieno – Kwani ian ako na boobs??
Sally Blessing – Uuuii..kwani Ian anakuaga na boobs … iyo marternity yake lol..
Mwende Evelyne – Hahaa Ian woooowoi is that wat u cal fashion u luk like a ghost.
Gymby William – They look pathetic,kwanza mtu ka Ian hapo ishie, na venye husemea watu.
Mercy Acasha Jerotich – Ian Mbugua U Look Pathetic
Agnes Brenda – Nyonyo za Ian zimeinua blouse
Therese Uyambaje – very ugly. all of them..
Tetemeko Deh Moh – describing Ian;ako na boobs,amevaa maternity dress na pensil,ghai!ako na mimba…mayie denda!
Nonnycita Lucia – ian is worst hehe na sio kwa ubaya
Tom Oto Ondiek – Ian looks like a mama mboga
Ogutu Joan – Ian mbugua for radio yes for television no. Hahaha unatisha
Victo Viq Oketch – the guy wid hiyo night dress ya purple ywadisplay eti mi fashione dresser ayawa ian..”tofyakwa”

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