Stop This Madness: This Guy’s Photoshop With Raila is The Worst Thing You’ll See

April 24, 2015

I tend to think that photoshop is the worst thing to have happened to Kenyans since Maina and King’angi in the morning. 
Everyone thinks they are an expert in doctoring images, and the results are mostly very disturbing. The term photoshop is further used so casually, that the real experts at this thing get no respect.
It has also been frequently abused by politicians seeking to get out of tricky situations. The sad news is that most Kenyans cannot tell the difference between a real image and one that has been doctored, and they’ll buy anything sold to them.
Now, speaking of really bad photoshop images, we have one of a guy who obviously loves baba. This really does look fake.
rao kq
Another really bad one.
Now here are a few examples of some reasonably good photoshop skills.
So please, let the experts do their thing.

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