Maina Kageni in Trouble as No-nonsense Wangusi Comes After Him

April 16, 2015

kageni-wangusiMaina Kageni’s run as the most listened to English Radio presenter in the morning is facing mortal danger.
No-nonsense Communication Authority Director General Francis Wangusi is seeking to regulate media content, with a great emphasis on adult content.
CA has proposed regulations that give it powers to revoke the licences of radio and television stations that air adult-rated content between 5am and 10pm.
Wangusi says that the purpose of the regulation is to protect children. “Save for educational programmes, which may require graphic details, no broadcasting station shall air programmes including interactive call-ins or discussion sessions whose content is suitable for adult-only audiences during the watershed period,” the proposed programming code says.
Clearly targeting Maina Kageni and Daniel Ndambuki for their morning discussions on Classic 105, Wangusi said that Radio stations will not be allowed to air sex talks within those hours.
“Some of the FM stations are notorious for this to the extent of breaking all the rules in the book,” he said.
This is not the first time someone is threatening Maina’s career, and it remains to be seen whether Wangusi will have his way. He had his way with the digital migration, so this should be interesting.

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