Thabo Mbeki Declines Selfie with Larry Madowo, Asks Wife To Take Picture Instead

March 4, 2015

The digital switch off seems to have given Larry Madowo all the time to tour the world as well as meet with some of the famous personalities.
Having flown to Barcelona to attend the Mobile World’s Congress 2015, the Trend Show host has had the rare privilege of meeting, greeting and hanging out with CNN’s Richard Quest who anchors Quest Means Business. After ending the conference, Larry headed to a coastal town in Spain known as Catalunya where he met with South Africa’s retired president Thabo Mbeki.
Here is the amazing photo of the two that was taken by Mbeki’s wife according to Larry’s instagram post that read, ‘President Thabo Mbeki doesn’t like selfies so he asked his wife Zanele to take the picture. Good morning from Barcelona.
Larry Madowo, Thabo Mbeki

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