Obama Coming To Kenya in July… This is How He Skipped us Last Time (Hilarious)

March 31, 2015

obIt was bound to happen. President Barack Obama will visit Kenya in July, making him the first sitting US President to do so.
Obama will be returning to the land of his father, and a country in which many of his opponents claim he was born in, for 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit to be co-hosted by Kenya and the United States.
With less than two years left in his presidency, Kenyans were beginning to wonder when ‘their son’ would return, and yesterday the big announcement was made.
Of course the most excited is his extended family in Siaya. It is reported that Mama Sarah Obama called a family meeting immediately news broke. A visit to his ancestral home would be asking too much from the leader of the free world, but I’m sure Mama Sarah will have an audience in Nairobi.
Anyway, as we continue to digest the news, let’s not forget how he skipped Kenya last time he was in Africa.
He visited our neighbor Tanzania, and many thought he’ll never set foot in Kenya as President.
This meme was doing rounds then.
And below is a video showing how Tanzania welcomed him in Dar es Salaam.

Some of the measures their government had taken include:
1. The locals were to abstain from using ATMs in downtown.
2. Entry into dar es salaam from upcountry was restricted.
3. Entry into the city centre was heavily restricted.
3. The highway from airport to downtown was mopped and given a fresh layer of markings.
4. He got a main road named after him.
Well, I can only imagine what the situation will be in Nairobi. Speaking for myself, if I don’t get a front row ticket, I’ll be nowhere near the CBD on that day.

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