Incase You Missed: Babu Owino Tables Rival’s Transcript on TV… It’s Full of Ds and Es

March 19, 2015

babu1He may not be very eloquent, but he knows what politicians need to say and my friend you don’t want Babu Owino as your rival.
One Dennis Njeru, SONU Chairman candidate was taken through a round of embarrassment on national TV when Babu Owino tabled his academic transcript.
Larry Madowo hosted the two last week to discuss some election violence that was happening in their campus. No one anticipated that Babu would take us through some grammar lesson, including the meaning of ‘Goon’.
He described his rival Dennis as a ‘goon’, because apparently he’s an ‘academic dwarf’. Babu did the unprecedented and read out his rival’s academic transcript.
Spoiler alert: More than enough failed units and still in second year.
As crude as that might be, it just shows the lad is fast learning from Kenyan politicians.
Here’s the video.

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