@XtianDela Promises To Sue Boniface Mwangi

February 11, 2015

xtianVia @XtianDela

We all love drama and here’s one for you.
Social media bigwig @XtianDela has promised to take legal action against activist Boniface Mwangi.
It started with a video that seemingly showed an activist in the Boniface Mwangi led #OccupyPlayground protests at Langata Primary School throw a tear gas at the kids.
This is the same tear gas that was blamed on the police.
The Twitter trend #ActivistsofDoom heated up and Boniface replied with another video that seemed to dillute the thesis that the activists were responsible.
He also mentioned that @Xtiandela – the bigwig leading the activists’ onslaught, had fake Twitter followers and was on the Government’s payroll.
@XtianDela replied with this.
Grab those popcorns… we can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

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