Raila Caught Pants Down.. This is What He Said 2 Years Ago in Relation To Digital Migration

February 17, 2015

raoFormer Prime Minister Raila Odinga condemned the government for switching off the analogue broadcast of the three stations that refused to do so voluntarily.
He said the process had been rushed and that by leading the country to information darkness, Kenyans will not know what is going on in the government.
“This is because the Jubilee regime is unwilling to arbitrate between a foreign firm and local, home-grown media houses over the distribution of digital frequency signals,” he added.
When Raila mentions the ‘foreign firm’, it’s only right that we remind Kenyans that it was he who actually launched Startimes nearly 3 years ago, championing them as the people who would lead Kenya in this migration.
Here’s a screenshot of the old tweet.

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