Malawian Prophet Predicts Mugabe Will Die This Year

February 11, 2015

prYET another Malawian prophet has claimed that God has shown him that President Robert Mugabe will die this year, Maravi Post newspaper has reported.
Kenneth Eagle of the Holy Tabernacle Ministries in the Lukuni township of Lilongwe said he was just doing his job as watchman quoting Amos 3 v 7 which says “The Lord will not do a thing without revealing it to his seers”.
Early January another prophet Austin Liabunya predicted Mugabe’s demise saying it was only “a matter of months” before the veteran tyrant died.
Liabunya also predicted that Hakainde Hichilema was going to be elected Zambian president in this month’s election. However Hichilema lost the poll to Edgar Lungu who has proved to be Mugabe’s ally.
But Eagle made a correct prediction with regards the Zambian elections.
On Zimbabwe, Eagle said it “is not far before the flag is pulled down for some days” adding that Mugabe will “go straight to Hell if he will not confess Jesus as his personal saviour”.
The prophet said in a vision he saw the “AU flag pulled down as a symbol of honour to their beloved leader” and the African presidents shouting “viva viva” as they trouped into Zimbabwe.
Eagle said the angel told him that “this must come to pass soon and pray that it will not happen in a festive season” before he saw “a better nation with much of economy fruitfulness”.
Eagle’s prophecy comes after Mugabe, who was recently elected the African Union chair fell as he stepped down from the podium in what many saw as an indicator that the strongman was indeed living on borrowed time.
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