Kingwa Kamencu Blasts Kenyatta University Guys as ‘Ugly Boys’

February 26, 2015

kingwaMadam president is at it yet again.
The former presidential aspirant best known for her controversial statements on social media has this time blasted Kenyatta University for lack of handsome men.
On Tuesday she was at the Thika Road institution and things were not looking good for her. Known to have a thing for handsome men, Kingwa was left disappointed she had to wear her sunglasses to avoid vomiting from what she termed, ‘ugly boys.’ Ouch! That must hurt for KU comrades.
This is what she posted:
When I was a campus student, not a single day went by when I did not write a love letter to one of the campus boys, or attempt to rape a few that I would meet in the dark tunnels and alleys on weekends.
Yet today walking through Kenyatta university, I did not see a single handsome man! In fact, all I saw were ugly boys.
In fact, they were so ugly I had to keep my shades on the entire time and try not to vomit as I walked.

As I walked to the gate, the question ringing in my mind was, what is happening with our public universities?
We are supposed to be producing handsome men for export but instead here we are cultivating eyesores.
It immediately occurred to me that as chairlady of the Handsome Men of Kenya (H-MOK), this situation fell under my portfolio and remit.
Worry not, university students, as the young black fighters sang while fighting apartheid in South Africa: We shall overcome.
kingwa kamencu

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