helOn Valentine’s day, one Instagram user @dennis_pirate posted a photo of a marriage proposal he apparently witnessed at Wilson Airport.

He said he watched as the man gifted his lady a helicopter as an engagement present.

” Epic Saturday Morning  just watched this beautiful Lady get gifted by her Man with a Helicopter as an engagement present . Incase you were wondering, she said yes…naturally. Congratulations to my favourite clients and Nairobi’s number 1 power couple.

All ‘big’ blogs carried the story and it’s surprising what people write without thinking twice.

If the story had been about a helicopter ride as the gift, then it would have been much more believable, but a helicopter as the gift… goodness me.

Many Nigerian websites also carried the story, obviously taking cue from Kenyans.

The photo is actually from a wedding proposal that happened in San Diego in 2013. All one needed to do is a Google image search.

It has been on the internet for close to two years.



Here’s a clearer shot and more of what happened next.