After Nairobi Aviation, Attention Turns to USIU

February 5, 2015

usiEven before the dust on Nairobi Aviation settles, United States International University (USIU) is making news for all the wrong reasons.
There’s a general believe that the institution is one of the best private universities in the country, with the quality of the education offered not in doubt, but apparently it’s not all rosy.
Yesterday, a letter apparently authored by Richard Leakey in 2011 surfaced on social media. He was tendering his resignation from the board following what he termed as a deliberate attempt to cover up extensive tax evasion.
Apparently, the university has been evading tax for the last 17 years, but during a board meeting, they plotted to only disclose 7 years of wrongdoing.
To further anger Richard Leakey, the board was contemplating giving the university CEO 5 more years, despite leading the institution to such a scandal.
A parliamentary committee last year launched investigations to find out who are the real owners of USIU and whether the institution was involved in tax evasion.
Here’s the letter from Richard Leakey.

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