VIDEO – Here’s The Backstory of This Bloody PHOTO from Langata Playground Protest

January 22, 2015

bloodVia Capital FM

Boniface Mwangi has released a video explaining how a police officer came to have a bloodied face during the #OccupyPlayground Protest at Langata Primary School on Monday.
Here’s what he posted on Facebook plus the video.

A police officer was injured at #OccupyPlayGround and the government is trying to blame the children and their parents for that incident. The children were peaceful and all they wanted was access to their playground during break time. The children walked peaceful to the gate that has been set up by the grabber and police responded with tear gas. A few of them were injured. This video captures the person who hit the officer and the police should arrest him. We condemn any form of violence. Today’s #OccupyPlayGround was done by parents and their children. No politician was involved in planning and none of them pushed the wall down. The victory belongs to the brave kids.

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