This Happened at Tuskys.. Why You Should Always Check Your Receipt

January 30, 2015


Below is a first person account of some misdeeds at Tuskys Embakasi that has been doing rounds online.
Yesterday I went to Tusky’s Embakasi and did my shopping. I was given a bill of 5700 which I paid using my credit card and left wondering how come my shopping was so huge.
I loaded my shopping in the car and decided to check my receipt.only to find the second item was girls shoes worth 820. Mind you I DONT HAVE A GIRL AND TUSKYS EMBAKASI DOES NOT EVEN STOCK SHOES.
So I checked my shopping for any shoes and there were none. I went back in to ask and a guy took me to the cashier who had served me.his name is MOSETI. He said that may be it was another item giving a different name and he needed to run the items again to check. So the guy and me went for the shopping. He run the items and none could give that name and he found that all the items had been charged.the told me that I will be given a credit note to be refunded.
They hurriedly gave me back my money as if they were trying to cover up. No explanation was given. I asked them how many customers who had not checked the receipt had been charged and the couldn’t answer. No apologies were given and no explanations. Nobody even helped me to take the shopping back to the car.
This is a scheme which must be many customers do they steal from daily and especially during Christmas when people do huge shopping.? What if I didn’t check the receipts?be careful guys always confirm your receipts and your items. Be warned. I have reported them to cofek as well.

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