PHOTOS – Sonko Hosts His Staff for Dinner

January 30, 2015

Mike Sonko is really a man of the people. Well, that’s how his generous acts and kind deeds have been defining him since he got into politics.
Showing off how the modern day bosses should co-exist with his employees, the Nairobi Senator shared pictures of home and his office’s staff enjoying a meal together as he emphasized on treating everyone equally.
We have photos of Sonko and staff having a hearty meal. I hope horrible bosses are learning something from the senator.
He had this to say on Facebook.
When was the last time you ever shared a meal with your employer? Today’s employee, is tomorrow’s employer.As a modern employer you have to treat people well.An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager…Tell your boss leo abuy lunch.
Mike Sonko staff 7
Mike Sonko staff 1
Mike Sonko staff 2
Mike Sonko staff 3
Mike Sonko staff 4
Mike Sonko staff 5
Mike Sonko staff 6

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