PHOTOS of Sonko Rescue Team and Ambulance at Work in Huruma

January 6, 2015

When I first heard about Sonko Rescue Team last year I thought it was a big joke but then disaster struck and that’s when I realized that they meant business, fully prepared and out to manage unfortunate situations. The  Nairobi Senator launched this initiative last year and since then it has been there to save lives and offer aid to casualties.
Both the Makongeni and Huruma storey house collapse incidences have seen the team come out to lend help and assist in rescue missions. Here are some photos of Sonko Rescue Team during the rescue mission at the collapsed building in Huruma.
Sonko Rescue Team 5
Sonko Rescue Team 6
Sonko Rescue Team 4
Sonko Rescue Team 3
Sonko Rescue Team 1Sonko Rescue Team 2

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