Julie Gichuru Promises To Sue Robert Alai… Full Details

January 23, 2015

julie gichuruRobert Alai is once again a man in trouble after TV personality Julie Gichuru promised to take legal action against him.
On Thursday, Alai through his Kahawa Tungu blog published an exclusive that linked Julie to the Lang’ata land grabbing.
According to the controversial blogger, he had documents that listed Anthony Gichuru – Julie’s husband, as one of the owners of Airport View Housing Company.
“Citizen TV presenter Julie Gichuru’s husband, Antony ‘Tony’ Gichuru, is listed as one of the owners of the Langata Road Primary School playground through Airport View Housing Company. In documents in our possession, Tony is listed with one Harbans Singh who is said to represent the interests of President Moi in many companies and Patrick Osero who represents Ruto in the dealings.” he wrote.
He then went on to list another piece of land that Anthony had grabbed.
Alai then wondered why Julie did not directly condemn the land grabbers on social media after the Langata incident. He claimed that in most of her tweets, she focused her anger on the activists for using kids instead of the elephant in the room.
With lands secretary Charity Ngilu releasing a different set of names of Airport View owners, Robert Alai may face some real difficulty proving his allegations.
This is what Julie tweeted after reading the blog.
jul1 jul2 jul3
It remains to be seen if she found the strength to forgive him.

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