Mombasa Island at Risk of Sinking

May 13, 2014

Mombasa has always been a holiday destination town for both local and international tourist. Its beaches, historical monuments and entertainment centers such as clubs and hotels are surely things one should never miss out on.
However, this could change as there are fears that the island could sink. Mombasa is the smallest county in Kenya covering an area of 229.7 square kilometres excluding 65 square kilometres of water mass. This would literally mean that 39 square kilometres of the island is at risk, a fact that Richard Lesiyampe, the principal secretary for Environment, Water and Natural Resources concurs with in a statement saying,“with an increase of only two degrees centigrade, 17 per cent of Mombasa will be submerged. It is that serious.” 
He however assured that the government is in the process of creating platforms that will aid in mitigating effects of global warming and try save Kenya’s largest tourist destination.

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