KDF To Somalia, Al-Shabaab To Kenya… This PHOTO Says it All

May 6, 2014

This is a repost.
It has always been an issue discussed in low tones, and probably that is coming to haunt us. Was Kibaki wrong to send our soldiers to Somalia?
A lot of good people are probably cursing me right now, but I think it’s time we talk about this.
People are not talking about this, as seen through hashtags #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta and #EndgameSomalia.
On Monday, 6 people lost their lives in Eastleigh following a grenade attack. Just a day earlier, a suspected terrorist died through his own explosive. Last Saturday, there were reports of an attempted attack at Taj Mall. A few months ago, a bus was blown up in Pangani. There was also a blast at Assandands along Moi Avenue… and we have not started on Westgate yet.
On Saturday and Sunday, about 4 Kenyans lost their lives following blasts in Mombasa and Nairobi. Over 30 others are still in hospital in critical conditions, some of whom will never walk again. Families have been left without breadwinners, with the little savings going to hospital bills.
In the past three years, Kenya has probably suffered more terrorist attacks than all its other years combined. Was sending troops to Somalia worth it?
Was it intelligent to send troops to a country at war, yet we cannot even protect our borders?
This photo elaborates on that.

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