Skin Bleaching Queen on Lupita’s Case Again For Being The Face Of Lancome

April 9, 2014

lupitadenciaLupita’s announcement as the face of Lancome Paris, a French cosmetics company, was met with delight by many but as usual there are those that were not too happy. Among the critics, and if I may add the only one I know, is the controversial Nigerian, Cameroonian born bleaching queen, Dencia.
She once again took shots at the Oscar winner for ‘bowing to the white people company’. Dencia, who is also the proprietor of Whitenicious, a whitening cream, has been lashing out at Lupita since she made a speech at Essence’s Black Women Event on February 27. Lupita in her speech, revealed how she had inspired a young girl from using Dencia’s Whitenicious cream and that’s when it got personal for the pop singer. She even managed to get the attention of Oprah Winfrey.
Following the announcement that Lupita was the face of Lancome, Dencia pointed out that Lancome makes bleaching products. Which according to her, makes no sense if Lupita was against skin bleaching.
We hope she finally gets the point, as Lupita has once again not responded as she continues to keep herself busy in Hollywood and now France.
Here’s one of the tweets we could get our hands on

Photo Courtesy: SlashMagazine

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