Nominated Senator Joy Gwendo Accused of Husband Snatching

April 7, 2014

gwendoNominated senator Joy Gwendo is at the centre of a love triangle involving a married man. Gwendo, who recently spent a night at Muthaiga police station after failing an alcoblow test, has been labelled a husband snatcher by close friends of the man’s wife.
The Nairobian report that Senator Gwendo has been dating Thomas Mbewa, an affair that has strained his eight year marriage to wife Pauline.
“Pauline(Mbewa’s wife) has not been staying with her kids for close to two months. In fact, on the day the senator was arrested, Pauline had gone to her matrimonial home for a meeting with her husband’s relatives to square out their differences and see if the two could get back together,” a source told the newspaper.
Mbewa did not deny the affair, boldly declaring they were engaged to be married.
“It is true I’m dating Joy and we have known each other for the last three years. It’s been an off and on relationship which my wife knows about and we decided to formalise it. We are now engaged and very soon I will call you and other members of the fourth estate for a formal marriage,” said Mbewa.
The senator who was nominated to fight for women’s rights was reached for comment but declined to delve into it.
“How is that important to you? I am out of the country until April 10 and also not interested in an interview,” she said.
Additional Reporting by The Nairobian.

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