All The Memes on #SomeoneTellKalonzo After His Tribal Remark

April 25, 2014

Yesterday while addressing a press conference, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka made a remark that he would quickly regret. Q TV journalist Kennedy Muriithi had asked him to give alternatives solutions for what they termed as “failures” of the Jubilee Government.
Kalonzo did not like this very much, asking him his name to which the journalist complied. This is how it went.

Kalonzo Musyoka: You know young man; you are entitled to asking, first of all I didn’t even get your name.”

Murithi: My name is Kennedy Murithi from Nation Media Group.

Kalonzo Musyoka: Thank you Murithi, that name betrays it all, I have nothing else to say. Absolutely, I have nothing to say.”

Immediately after, the hashtag #SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka was trending, and we have some of the tweets and memes.

#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka now I understand why @ekodydda named his kid #KeepitReal so that no one will ever know the kid’s tribe! – @paulinenjoroge 

I am not quick to criticize Kalonzo but one thing I know the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart. #SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka – @Brayomwenda

#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka He should not belittle the young Man. He should respect Kenya! – @labanish

What Kalonzo said was in bad taste. However, only rebuke him if you’re not a tribalist yourself #SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka #EthnicityInKenya – @myobra

#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka … … … Actually I am speechless. Don’t even know where to begin…  – @juliegichuru  
Sakaja ; #SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka his comments are Disconcerting and worrying….Duale adds he is profiling the media. – @eriknjoka  
How the other bunch of politicians,laughed on kalonzos statement is disturbing and even disgusting….how Uncouth.#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka – ‏@conshizzy 
#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka his tribal settings were off..smh – @mbenekam

#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka what if he was elected president, which tribe would work under him? just thinking loud…#tribalcard –  ‏@ctnoma

#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka Mr running mate, we heard loud and clear! Remember, Karma got no menu, no wonder you were served what you deserve – @SNJUNGE  5h
#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka We don’t need n apology,the cat’s already out of the bag, now we know exactly what he feels about a certain tribe – @SirKariz 

#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka Kenyans have not changed his nickname ‘Watermelon’ – @SimbaJoseph 

#SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka he is the tribal idiot who wanted to lead the nation, nowonder they lost – @SirKariz 

Watermelon….Last name shouldn’t guarantee any discrimination at this age #SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka – @samuel_ndungu

And the memes.
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