Makaburi’s Successor, Sheikh Mahboob is Just as Radical… This is What He Said on Friday

April 10, 2014

mahboobEven before the dust settles on Makaburi’s death, another one has stepped in to fill his shoes.
Sheikh Amir alias Mahboob was on Friday named the de facto leader of Masjid Shuhadaa mosque. Reading from Makaburi’s playbook, Mahboob immediately declared “total war against non-Muslims”.
The cleric, believed to enjoy support from majority of radical youth who worship at the mosque, proved that he would live to the ideologies of Makaburi and his predecessor Sheikh Aboud Rogo. His audience was well pleased, applauding at every opportunity.
The People newspaper is reporting that the message he delivered on Friday is now a matter of police investigations. “Yes we got the recording of the sermon and are analysing it. We are also profiling the cleric before we take action,”  said Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa.
Speaking about Makaburi’s killing, Sheikh Mahboob told the youth who were planning on staging protests to wait for a “bigger and bitter revenge”.
This all seems like a movie.. It’s just like what they say, pluck the head and another will grow.

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