Corporal Linda Okello Fears Punishment After Improper Dressing

April 30, 2014

A female traffic police corporal in Kiambu county now fears she will be transferred to a distant outpost following the furore surrounding her official uniform.
According to blogger and activist Robert Alai, the female officer, Linda Okello is in trouble after senior police officers asked her to explain why she should not be disciplined.
Speaking to Nairobi News,  Corporal Okello recounted how she was summoned by Kiambu County Commandant James Mugeria on Monday morning and told to give an explanation why her official skirt was tight.
She was also instructed to carry along the skirt for verification on whether it was the official police uniform she was issued.
Throughout the questioning, Corporal Okello insisted that the skirt was her official uniform and that she had gained weight since it was issued.
On social media,Kenyans started a Twitter campaign to protest against the alleged disciplinary action dubbed #KenyansforLindaOkello and #PoliceUniform, the campaign condemning Corporal Okello’s ‘victimisation’.
This was Robert Alai’s post  ;

Just got information from a friend that the Kiambu police officer pictured wearing a skirt which is considered tight has been asked to show why she should not be disciplined.
The policewoman who was wearing a uniform provided by the government is being targeted by superior officers for a crime which is not her own.
All Police commanders are today on her case. She has moved through all chain and even seen her boss Grace Khaindi call Nairobi County Commander 5 times within 1 hour wanting action taken on the lady. What is her crime?
The police boss, Grace Khaindi, is this lazy?
All police officers are provided with uniform from government stores. Sometimes the officers don’t get a pair for even up to 5 years. So we expect police officers to walk in civilian clothes just because they grew fat or slim?
Why are we punishing an innocent police officer for a crime which is not her own?
Govt must equip the police officers. Even a decent uniform is a problem. The case of the unnamed police officer from Kiambu should wake the police bosses up and know that there is a problem which needs rational solution not victimization

Could this be discrimination and male chauvinism at its worst as Nairobians purport?

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