Unbelievable – This is What Was Recovered in a Mexican Drug Lord’s House (PHOTOS)

February 18, 2014

It’s not every day you get to see inside a Mexican drug lord’s house. For most people, it’s no days. But thanks to some gung-ho photo-uploader, we all have a chance to gain an insight into truly ridiculous wealth.
It’s not been made clear whose house is featured in the extraordinary album, but some are suggesting it’s the casa China-born Zhenti Ye Gon, who later became a Mexican citizen, whose villa was raided “several years ago”.

The pictures are truly astounding: we see a collection of guns to rival the world’s biggest museums, some of which are solid gold and not meant for firing, rather they’re object d’art.
The piles of money, too, are Walter White-esque. But there are conflicting reports of how much exactly was found. Some say it was in the billions, suggesting $22b was seized, while another site reckons it was more like $207m – vastly different sums of money. Walter White had $80m. What a loser.
The money, according to the pictures at least, was found in every crevice of the house. Packed into wardrobes, hidden away in suitcases. Enough money was found to feed the local communities in Mexico for years, and pay their healthcare. There was also a man made cave with a hot tub in it. And that’s not even the most mental thing.
EIGHT LIONS WERE FOUND ON THE PROPERTY. There was also a very rare tiger and what looks like a couple of pumas.
According to Wikipedia, the following was seized at the property of Ye Gon:
207 million U.S. dollars, 18 million Mexican pesos, 200,000 euros, 113,000 Hong Kong dollars, 11 centenarios (Mexican gold bullion coins made of 1.20565 oz t (37.5 g) of pure gold, mountains of jewels of unknown value, two Mexican-style dwellings of approximately 20 million peso, a war chest of automatic guns, 1 lab in construction of unknown value and 7 vehicles.

Apparently, they burned it all.

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