S£XY Mavuno Church Poster Irks Kenyans

February 24, 2014

mavunoOver the weekend, there has been some heated debate on Twitter after a poster by Mavuno Church surfaced. Dubbed Blurred Lines, the poster publicizes a convention for teenages this March.

Teenz Konnekt will be hosted on 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd March, all of them Sundays. Each day has been assigned a different theme, and here it starts to get interesting.

On 2nd, you can gerrit, while 9th has been dubbed Shades of Grey. 16th and 23rd have been dubbed Blurred Lines and Friends with a monster respectively.

The photo used is what has however turned controversial.

The girl is in what appears to be hot pants, and the position they’re in somewhat compromising. (see photo above)

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans.

You can’t convince me that that mavuno poster is Godly, no matter how hard you try. It just ain’t religious – @AlexMounde

The truth is this mavuno poster will never be accepted in my church yes – @ELISHIFA

It’s amazing how serial fornicators, adulterers and drunkards have gone all righteous on the Mavuno ad! Hypocrites – @makodingo

Mavuno service schedule; 11pm choir sings Skelewu 11:30pm Pastor reads Joel O’steen tweets 12pm Teen konnect use protection. – @kevoice_

Mavuno peeps be like, ‘Let’s do it the New Testament way, A little Romans never hurt anybody’. – @tracyy_KE

Next year after every sermon at Mavuno instead of “Amen” the congregation will be shouting “God Tingz!” in order to attract teens & stay hip – @RamzZy_

Mavuno will say, “We achieved the main objective. We wanted people to talk about the poster and attend the thing. Holy attention whoring.” – @RamzZy_

Mavuno is trying to get the youth to go their church using Satanic ways heri mimi yule hata haendi kanisa, those guys are not serious SMH. – @JoeWMuchiri

Whatever the people at Mavuno Organization are worshipping I’m sure it has an email address and a twitter handle. – @JICHOdaDOG

So the Mavuno Pastor even has guts to shamelessly defend the church poster on Live TV smh! – @samsoftK

You can gerrit Jesus- mavuno pasi.””Blurred lines – @RozayBoss_

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