Piers Morgan, Bella Thorne and Zendaya On "Extra"One of the most interesting people on Twitter is CNN’s Piers Morgan. This is especially so if you’re a football lover.
He is probably the most vocal Arsenal supporter and Wenger critic, and anytime there’s a big game, he livens up the timeline.
With almost 4 million followers, no doubt he receives thousands of mentions per day. Yesterday, a Kenyan by the handle @Itotias was one of the lucky few that have received a reply from Piers.
“@piersmorgan I wanna teach you Swahili. Uko Tayari?” he asked
“Tafadhali nataka bia baridi” Morgan replied to show his mastery of this language.

A lot of Kenyans commented, and there was some kind of agreement that the Google Translate guys should be the ones getting a cold beer.
Even Tusker joined the bandwagon, tweeting Piers a photo of their no. 1 beer.
Here are some of the tweets that followed.
@piersmorgan Google translate doing wonders.

@piersmorgan has removed any doubts i ever had that the Brits can drink more than Kenyans – @durkchild 
@piersmorgan @Itotias I freaked out thinking @piersmorgan knew Swahili. He’d be able to understand all the shit I talk about him. – @CelsiusPlus273 
@piersmorgan @crazynairobian @Itotias leo tunalamba Arsenal – @Imohlizer 
@piersmorgan @Itotias Tafadhali mpe bwana Morgan bia mbili baridi nitalipa – @hndiga