Piers Morgan Excites #KOT After Tweeting in Swahili

February 13, 2014

Piers Morgan, Bella Thorne and Zendaya On "Extra"One of the most interesting people on Twitter is CNN’s Piers Morgan. This is especially so if you’re a football lover.
He is probably the most vocal Arsenal supporter and Wenger critic, and anytime there’s a big game, he livens up the timeline.
With almost 4 million followers, no doubt he receives thousands of mentions per day. Yesterday, a Kenyan by the handle @Itotias was one of the lucky few that have received a reply from Piers.
“@piersmorgan I wanna teach you Swahili. Uko Tayari?” he asked
“Tafadhali nataka bia baridi” Morgan replied to show his mastery of this language.

A lot of Kenyans commented, and there was some kind of agreement that the Google Translate guys should be the ones getting a cold beer.
Even Tusker joined the bandwagon, tweeting Piers a photo of their no. 1 beer.
Here are some of the tweets that followed.
@piersmorgan Google translate doing wonders.

@piersmorgan has removed any doubts i ever had that the Brits can drink more than Kenyans – @durkchild 
@piersmorgan @Itotias I freaked out thinking @piersmorgan knew Swahili. He’d be able to understand all the shit I talk about him. – @CelsiusPlus273 
@piersmorgan @crazynairobian @Itotias leo tunalamba Arsenal – @Imohlizer 
@piersmorgan @Itotias Tafadhali mpe bwana Morgan bia mbili baridi nitalipa – @hndiga 

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