Gor Mahia Fans Told To Respect Tom Mboya Statue

February 12, 2014

tom Mboya
The late Tom Mboya’s cousin Peter Odede has urged Gor Mahia’s fans to respect his late cousin’s memory.
Adede told Nairobi News that Gor Mahia fans were responsible for the damage of Tom Mboya’s statue along Moi Avenue. He said that the destruction was deliberate and was done under the disguise of paying homage to the national hero.
“It is incumbent on Gor fans to respect what Mboya stood for. They should stop destroying the statue under the guise of going to pray,” said Adede.
He blamed them for removing the flamingo carvings that were originally there saying that was deliberate and malicious.
“Gor fans removed the plaque on the statue and they can’t convince anybody that they are acting in respect of Mboya. They are supporting the forces that didn’t want the statue erected in the first place,” said Odede.
Adede further explained that the fans should respect the Late Mboya as he was among the founders of the club. In fact, the meeting during which Gor was formed was held in his house.
“This is the reason we feel Tom Mboya is the brainchild of Gor Mahia, because it was formed in his house. The first officials were elected during the same meeting,” said Odede.
Tom Mboya was assassinated at the same place the statue stands.

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