LEAKED – YU Mobile CEO’s Payslip… Massive Salary

February 27, 2014

tanejaYesterday, controversial blogger Robert Alai posted the payslip of YU Mobile CEO, Madur Kant Taneja.
The massive pay, amounting to KSh 19.8 million was for October 2012. Most Kenyans have never dreamt of getting hold of such a staggering amount, and here one guy makes it in a month.
It’s worth noting that the figure includes a Sh16.6 million bonus, which is probably only awarded once after a set duration, maybe a year or two. That leaves his monthly gross salary at about Sh3.2 million.
yu pay slip
From the leaked slip, Madur only received Sh2.2 million, following deductions which included PAYE (Sh5.9 million), and an advance of Sh11.6 million.
We have confirmed that the P.I.N number on the slip actually belongs to the CEO.
yu pay slip2

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