FULL TEXT – Alfred Mutua’s Response To Muthama on The 120 Police Cars

February 5, 2014

macha19Muthama is once again hating on Mutua, this time it has to do with the 120 police cars.
The senator had said that Mutua’s was cheap publicity, and that he had not even thought of how the cars would be fueled and serviced. He said that he would demand an audit to determine if the money used for the purchase had been approved by the county assembly.
Yesterday, Mutua wrote his reply to the senator on Facebook.
Here’s the full text.

Machakos Senator Johnstonne Muthama has made allegations about the purchase of security vehicles in Machakos.
Mr. Muthama’s allegations are not only unfounded, lies and sheer propaganda but also against Chapter 6 of the Constitution and the Ethics Act that require leaders to tell the truth.
All the vehicles were budgeted for in the Machakos budget that was approved by the controller of budget and purchased through an open tender system. My government has not taken any loans and does not plan to. We are working on a proper financial management system to bring development to our people. Furthermore, all loans have to be proved by the National Government.
I do believe that Mr. Muthama’s allegations are borne of the fact that I have refused his schemes to steal public money for personal gain. Mr. Muthama once told me that we should sit down and decide how the money allocated to Machakos and it’s assets can be used to enhance the party political agenda and who should get which tender, but I told him the money in the county is for alleviating poverty and not to be shared for personal and political reasons.
We request the Director of public Prosecutions to order investigations into Muthama’s behavior and comments so as to charge him for misleading Wananchi.
I remain committed to working with all leaders as we enhance the life of our people, fight poverty, provide jobs and give this country a new direction based on personal sacrifice and not greed.
Machakos County citizens and visitors should know that our security program is on course and the ramblings by any greedy leader will not stop us from meeting our development agenda.
Please find below the attached copy of relevant documents.
Let us pray for our leaders and our county. God bless you.
Alfred Mutua

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