Kenyatta-UniversityIf you’ve ever been in Kenyatta University or anywhere near it , you must have noticed the increasing number of beggars around the main gate. With a population of more than 30, 000 students, you would understand why they would flock the area. The competition had become so stiff that some were even playing music instruments to gain an advantage. It was getting out of hand and now the university has decided to do something about it, reports the Nairobian.
The university security guards  have decided to chase away all the beggars within the university. Hawkers and touts have also not been spared; public transport vehicles will only be allowed to stop at the bus terminus a few metres ahead . Mobile phone top up cards will only be sold in shops within the university but not around the main gate as was the norm.
This comes barely a week after Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology banned all hawkers from the university accusing them of being thieves.