FC Barcelona Comes To Nairobi

January 6, 2014

bacFC Barcelona now has a supporters club in Kenya. The club was made official in a ceremony attended by FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell. The ceremony, held in Westlands, Nairobi, was sponsored by Qatar Airways – Barcelona’s shirt sponsors and global partners.
Kenya’s supporters club ( Penya Barcelonista Mashariki) becomes the 6th in Africa, after Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Gambia and Morocco.
Morocco however has 5 supporters clubs.
Speaking at the ceremony, Sandro Rosell said that the creation of a supporters club in Kenya falls in line with the Club’s global strategy. He added that Africa has produced many world-class footballers, showing just how much football is loved in this continent.

Sandro Rosell (bottom left)
Sandro Rosell (bottom left)

“Football instantly touches the hearts of millions. Supporting one of the most exciting clubs in world football offers us an important platform to connect emotionally to the fans of this beautiful game “he said
With the launch, Kenya and East African supporters of Barcelona  who sign up with the  supporters  club  will have  access  to FCB Merchandise  at reduced rates.
Camp Nou Match day and season tickets will also be discounted. Membership starts from an annual subscription of Sh15,000 for junior level to Sh120,000 for Elite membership.
– Additional reporting by Michezo Afrika.

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