Robert Alai To Contest For Top ODM Position

November 20, 2013

Controversial blogger and social media bigwig, Robert Alai has expressed interest in a top ODM job. On his twitter account, Alai hinted that he may be vying for ODM’s organizing secretary position.

“Why not consider me for the #ODMElections Organising Sec. during the next elections.” he wrote.

Why not consider me for the #ODMElections Organising Sec. during the next elections. Apart from being former mayor, who is Junet Mohammed?
— Robert Alai (@RobertAlai) November 19, 2013

The blogger has in recent months also declared interest in several security positions, including Police Inspector General and Nairobi Metropolitan police chief, but nothing has come out of it.

In a characteristic fashion, Alai then turned on several senior figures in ODM politics, among them Anyang Nyong’o and Ababu Namwamba.

Anyang’ Nyong’o has bigger than life attitude making him think that you can’t argue with him if you don’t have a PhD. #ODMElections

There are murmurs in ODM that Ken Obura and Ababu Namwamba are being sponsored by NIS to disintegrate the ODM brigade. #ODMElections

I want to know @AbabuNamwamba beyond the engrained belief that he only insulted Kibaki for recognition. Who is Ababu? #ODMElections

It will remain to be seen how this develops.

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