Kenyans HILARIOUS Reactions To Mututho’s Comeback

September 20, 2013
President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday appointed John Mututho as the new chairman of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA), to replace Dr Frank Njenga, whose five-year term has elapsed.

In his first press conference, Mututho promised to revive and enforce the alcohol bill, popularly known as Mututho law. He warned that bars that have been operating during the day will be closed down. 
He thanked those who voted him out of parliament, for “they now have to abide to the law”.

Meanwhile on social media, these were some of Kenyans’ reactions to the news of his appointment.

#SomeoneTellTanzania they can have mututho and madowo for free.

Mututho is just a poster boy. Even the Gatundu Prince is #TeamJichoNyanya

Pia Mututho amekuwa RAO, seems like he has refused to go away too.

Mututho is @UKenyatta ‘s anti-fun Czar? Kweli now we know choices have consequences

Mututho is the Clingy Ex that backflips into the Friendzone by force

VAT + mututho =hujuma


Mututho is back as the main guy at NACADA…. watu wa naivasha payback is a b!#$h

Naivasha haki you should have elected mututho he bout to pay you back for ingratitude

UK is appointing Mututho thinking its a game. Hehe! He’ll ensure Mututho time even in statehouse Lol. :’-D

Mututho is the type of bouncer who uses a breathalyzer when you enter a club and a metal detector when you leave.

If Mututho goes to Zanzibar he will change the name to Zanzi.. Hahaha

First it was VAT now Mututho is back..being a Kenyan is truly a responsibility

Plizz Mututho just tell me unaanza kazi Monday next week!..On saturday Ill be in my own universe…

But Mututho looks like that kind of a nigga who can work without being paid

Has Mututho banned the song called Wamunyota already?

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