10 Stupid Questions From Safaricom’s Bonyeza Ushinde Competition

September 13, 2013

Bonyeza na Safaricom is back… it has been back for several weeks now. Basically, you send your name to an SMS short code, and Safaricom will get back to you in a series of questions. You keep answering A or B for Sh5 per questions, until any of these four things happen: You win, you give up on winning, your credit runs out, or the competition ends.

Now, before any of those four things happen, you’ll have been treated to a good dose of comedy. The questions start flowing well, with basic Safaricom FAQ, but at some point, the choices given get weird.
Here are some sample questions.

1. How does one access their M-Pesa mini statement?   A.*234#   B. Visit the police 2. Safaricom shops sells? A. Genuine phones B. Cabbages 

3. How do you check your airtime balance? A. *144# B. Sleep 

4. Who is the Safaricom CEO? A. Bob Collymore B. Samba Mapangala 

5. What is the Grand prize for Bonyeza Ushinde na Safaricom? A. Ksh 10M B. Groundnuts 

6. The weekly winners of Bonyeza win? A. Isuzu pick up B. False 

7. When was the 2010 FIFA world cup held in South Africa? A. 2010 B. 1020 

8. Where was the 2012 Olympics held? A. London B. Syokimau 

9. Which is a Safaricom service? A. MPESA B. Vuvuzela 

10. Safaricom Sevens is a tournament for what sport? A. Rugby B. Eating

Can Kenyans be this stupid to deserve such questions?

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