VIDEO – Story of Kisumu Man Who Has Married 4 Wives… by Citizen TV

July 25, 2013

Last night, Citizen TV aired the story of Gordon Nyabura Oyoo, a pastor in Kisumu County who is married to 4 women. 
Gordon has had a total of 24 children, but unfortunately 9 have passed away. He is only 55 years.

The man is treated like a king. Every night, he has to receive different food from all his wives, and he has to taste all of it. He is also at liberty to invite his wives to join him for dinner. All this as his children are having dinner of their own in a separate house.

Asked why he chose to marry 4 wives, Oyoo stated it’s so that he can live well. He cannot even recall when he married each one of them.

Watch this inspirational news feature, “my 4 wives and I” by Judy Kosgei.


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