Why KBC Should Never Air a Football Match… Like Ever

June 6, 2013
Spot the ball?

Yesterday, Harambee Stars lost to Super Eagles and we accepted and moved on. However, the one thing Kenyans are still struggling to come to terms with is how KBC got to air that game.
Not that this was the first time, but at least we thought they would have improved. 

The last time Channel 1 aired a football match, there were no replays. This time there was and the improvements stopped at that. 
The video quality was worse than your average camera phone, with people generally struggling to spot the ball. 
Something as simple as the clock was missing. Yes, we were forced to guess the time for the entire game.
The final nail on the coffin was the supersize adverts that were taking almost the entire screen. Kenyans did not have kind words for that also.

Below are some comments directed at our national broadcaster.

Instagram should have a filter called ‘KBC’ which makes pics look like they were taken through a bathroom window

KBC’s ratings about to take a nosedive in 3,2…

With this sort of quality, KBC could air a sextape and viewers would think they’re watching a game of cricket.

Watching KBC and listening to the 254 anthem is a more effective torture means than being locked up in Guantanamo Bay.

The Government should pay every Kenyan Hardship allowance for watching KBC.

It seems KBC are taping this game using iDeos cameras.

KBC is all about fun. Making us the viewers play “who can spot the ball?”

At least Harambee Stars have improved, KBC still in the same position it was two decades back.

KBC somehow manages to appear grainy. Even on digital Tv.

Next time they should give the licence to U TV, it has a more clear signal than KBC does. I just can’t spot the ball.

Manzee izo advert za kbc zinafunika tv nzima 🙁

At least KBC TV can replay, When watching UBC once a goal is scored you must wait for 9 o’clock news to watch it again”

Watching the game on KBCtv is the one most painful experience in life

I blame KBC for the poor show by #HarambeeStars – no one can perform optimally knowing they’re being filmed using a single 1.3MP Camera!”

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