Robert Alai Admits He’s Broke, Sets Up Mpesa Number To Receive Donations For Legal Fees

June 3, 2013
[Photo||Robert Alai]

Controversial blogger Robert Alai has admitted that the frequent court cases have taken a toll on his finances.

The common denominator among Alfred Mutua, Francis Kimemia, Safaricom, NCIC and William Oduol, is the fact that they have court cases against Alai.

In almost all of them, the blogger is out on Sh 100,000 bond.

Alai alleges a conspiracy to make sure he runs out of money. He points fingers at Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, NCIC chairman Mzalendo Kibunjia, and State House.He has now set up an Mpesa number and is appealing to Kenyans to support him.

This was his post over the weekend.

I need money. These people trying to make sure that I run out of money. Mutunga, Kibunjia and others are just stooges of State House. Do you remember that Itumbi was informed of NCIC intention to charge him and was never charged? Why? Because he is from the right community and he staunchly support Uhuru Kenyatta. Alai is from the WRONG ethnic community and is perceived to support the opposition. That is how Kenya is run now. Mutunga, Kimemia, NCIC and others are just Nyundo ya State House. Help me fight this dictatorship. Send me M-Pesa on 0708-677607. I will appreciate. Niko vibaya!!!!!! 


 Thanks a lot for those sending their contributions. Great to see Kenyans sending as little as Ksh 50 from places as far as Accra in Ghana and Arusha in Tanzania Those sending ethnic insults, I have a VERY THICK skin, I just won’t intimidated by them. Please send your contributions to 0708-677607.

Nothing touches my heart like when I need huge amounts for legal fights but receive a donation of Ksh 50 from someone. #TyrannyInKenya 

Reading through the comments, not all Kenyans are enthusiastic about giving him any money.

Rachael Wanja –  you got no money then shut up no one will charge you for silence

Ras Ngani – how long will you take to learn???? Mwenye nguvu mpishe and swimmers will tell you that it is unwise to swim against a current. Shida za kujitakia utanisamehe.

Mark Ouma – U need money to do what exactly? Ppl have moved on!! U better do the same n it’s abt tym u got some real job

Titus Neymar – I now feel yah Alai….ukitaja Kimemia i get to understand how tough it is thoh saa zingine u speak crap!!Nevertheless we need you but say what is right.I will send you somethin later in tha day

Jackson Muturi – ukiupdate status mnakuwanga na nani?

Chris Muraya – Hahahaha You have been Sued by Safaricom,William Oduol and others.Are those Kikuyu’s also? Today you will realise to speak sence b4 you post shit.

Njoro wa Weche –  Since u claim ur from the wrong ethnic community can that community help u coz u claim to b kenyan by fighting for the so called rights of kenyan. Can u stop being a tribalist and get a real job so that u can have money

Nevertheless, Alai managed to raise Sh 35,000 in just two days. He needs Sh 100,000.

UPDATE ON LEGAL ASSISTANCE CONTRIBUTIONS: We are at Ksh 35,500. We are still less Ksh 64,500. PLease send your contributions to 0708-677607. Thanks to the over 60 who already contributed.


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