Photo – Sonko Attends High Level Meeting With Johnnie Walker Whisky at Hand

June 20, 2013
After the Grogan mechanics battle with police on Tuesday, Nairobi Senator met their representatives yesterday during the handover of their 1.25 acre title deed. 
Present were senior police officers.
 This time round, Sonko did not have his Mohawk, or a colourful T shirt. In fact, he was dressed so decent, it was not like him.
However, in one of the photos he posted on his Facebook page, what seems like whiskey is seen on the table. A half-way drunk bottle.

Of course people talked.

Wa- Gerald – Is that pint? Early morning? God help our leaders

Vicky Oncherry – hahaha….johnny walker kwa meeting???

Judy Omondi – cant believe im seeing the same thing? ama ni exhibit #1

David Kyalo – Hahahahah! mheshimiwa jo , hahahahhha! black label ama ilikuwa evidence ya kwa nini Title deed haijatoka?

Zack Kitema – jonny walker sonko mwenyewe

Watyri Wambu – hahaha..Mike Sonko is fully aware that it is VERY VERY COLD…Mutembei pap!

Pauline Nthambi – is that wine mr sonko       

What do you think of Mr Sonko’s action?

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