Kenyans on Twitter Attack GNLD Hawkers and Agents – Hilarious

June 7, 2013

For the past two days, Kenyans on Twitter have turned their attention to a group of people considered irritating by many – The GNLD guys.
Those who live in cities and towns across Kenya have probably encountered some of these hawkers and salesmen…ooh wait, I understand they’ve even gone to the grassroots.

Basically, you are promised riches by your recruiting ‘officer’, and after parting with some registration fee, your hawking career begins. At this point, some quit their jobs. It’s all fun and laughter until the first few months pass and you can’t pay your rent.

The income part aside, the strategy some of these agent use to sell their body creams, soaps etc, is what has been the centre of the trending topic on Twitter. 
Below are some of the interesting tweets.

True story. Bought some pills to help with memory from GNLD. Forgot to take them.

A GNLD guy can sell those free awake or watchtower magazines to a jehovah witness.

Knock knock 
Who’s there? 
Jirani yako Ooh *opens* 
Gotcha! Nafanya GNLD…

“You can run but you can’t hide” ~ GNLD guys.

GNLD guys be like “Najua hauna meno but hii toothpaste ni poa i recommend it”

GNLD Chaps are just Jehovah Witness drug dealers”

Niaje boss karibu base ya mutura -Nikatie ya mbao -Enyewe nafanya GNLD na…

Hodi nimekujia takataka -Karibu *opens door* 
Hahaha enyewe nafanya GNLD.

Should have known this free matatu ride was a trap….saii ni kuskia benefits za GNLD hadi Ronga!

Eti mtaka cha mvunguni lazma anywe za GNLD?

GNLD agent: Mr.Blak you’ll buy a Range Rover in 6 months trust me.
ME: Weh mbona unavaa sharti imeisha collar?”

Meanwhile wasee wa GNLD wanapanda mat kuelekea central. *mau mau* 

All the money the mau mau will get will end up in the hands of safaricom or the GNLD guys

Hey i just met you, and this is crazy, i work for GNLD, wait…why are you running?”

GNLD is a pyramid scheme for vegeterians ..

Was introduced to GNLD in 2010, told the nigga i will think abt it. 3 yrs later i am still thinking abt it

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