Wikipedia Abuses Musalia Mudavadi Badly

April 11, 2013

When you have an article about you on Wikipedia, then you can rest assured you’re someone in the society. Yes, anyone can have an article published by the giant wiki, but the content must be of high standard, well referenced, and above all, if the article is about someone, he/she should be a public figure. 
Actual people go through each and every article before it goes live and if it fails any of the quality tests, it is not published.

What happens if the same website supposed to give information about you, turns against you. Former deputy prime minister Musalia Mudavadi found himself in such a position this week, after someone edited his page to show how weak a politician he is. 

A sentence was added to his description reading, “He’s known for a general lack of political spine”. 
That may not be entirely false, but personal opinion is not permitted on Wikipedia.
The sentence was quickly deleted but the screenshot was quicker. 


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